Electro Sil´s outstanding difference is the production of silicone products through a high-pressure extrusion process, together with a rigorous temperature control at the extruder outlets.

This technique produces an excellent and uniform parallelism of the sleeve walls in addition to allowing a perfect compaction of the silicone molecular and structural chain that prevents the formation of bubbles inside the material which in turn, substantially adds to the product characteristics of resilience, tearing strength, as well as resistance against the attack of ozone and UV (ultraviolet ).

Electro Sil´s silicone products last much longer as compared to similar products available on the market, as our raw-material mixing process will not allow the addition of any mineral charge.

Still other outstanding differences are the production performance, as compared to the conventional systems, and the expeditious product delivery, which reverts into customer’s savings as it obviates the need to maintain unnecessarily high replacement parts.