According to a recent research conducted by Electro Sil´s Marketing Department, today’s worldwide market counts on five companies with international technology standard, which produce silicone sleeves for corona treater machines, through the extrusion process two of these is in the USA, two in Europe and one in Brasil.

Electro Sil is a Brazilian company that manufactures silicone liners by the extrusion process, corona treatment machine, with cutting-edge European technology internationally.


Electro Sil´s silicone sleeves comply with IEC 60.502-4and GB/T 12706 standards up to 24kV average voltage fittings- “Silicone Corona Treater Sleeves”:

  • 15 min, A.C. voltage withstanding test = 30kV.
  • Partial discharge test 20kV 5pC.
  • Thermal short-circuit test = 31.0kA, 2.03 s.
  • Heating cycles A.C. voltage test = 63 cycles at 90-130ºC, 30kV.

Tests applied at extruded 200mm x 200mm, 3mm thick silicone test pieces.

Spherical, diameter 1” (25,4mm) electrodes in SF6-gas pressurized insulating chamber.


QEW-5760 Silicone Rubber

  • Appearance: Translucent
  • Durometer (shore-A): 60
  • Tensile Strength (psi): 1263
  • Elongation (%): 400
  • Tear Strength (kN/m): 18.15
  • Specific Gravity (g/cm3): 1.18
  • Linear Shrinkage (%): 3.48
  • Resilience (%): 65