Electro Sil´s silicone sleeves are shipped together with illustrated instructions on how to fit them to the machine metal cylinders. Fitting the sleeves on the cylinder is an easy and practical task.

Instruction for fitting Electro Sil´s silicone sleeves on metal cylinders of corona treater machines or any other type of cylinder.

  • 1) Electro Sil´s extruded silicone sleeves are usually supplied with 50mm to 150mm in excess, in relation to the cylinder actual length, to make for the sleeve lengthwise shrinkage. The excess sleeve material at the cylinder ends should only be trimmed off after the sleeve has finally been fitted on the cylinder.
  • 2) Although the sleeve can be applied to the cylinder either vertically or horizontally, the vertical position facilitates the sleeve fitting. For cylinders more than 2,000 millimeters length, it is recommended that the sleeve be fitted about 500 millimeters on the horizontal position, then finish fitting in the vertical position. The compressed air gun or nozzle should always be applied to the sleeve end being fitted to the cylinder.
  • 3) Depending on the surface of the metal cylinder, the sleeve may look rather slacky; due to the presence of compressed air pockets are still trapped between the sleeve and the cylinder. It can take a sleeve up to 2 minutes to eliminate the excess compressed air which might be still trapped inside, before fully adhering to the whole external diameter of the cylinder.

Ilustrated Fitting

1) - Bend silicone sleeve in concertina-like layers, leaving a free end of about 35 cm, and insert approx. 8 cm of the silicone sleeve on the cylinder.

Processo 01

2) - Insert approx. 8 cm of the compressed-air needle-pointed nozzle between the cylinder and the sleeve, or the end of a common compressed-air hose (hose end max outside diameter 1.5 cm).

Processo 02

3) - Apply compressed air and at the same time pull the sleeve and push it in the same direction on the cylinder, in increments of approx. 30 cm. The compressed air gun nozzle, or the compressed air hose end should follow the sleeve forward movement on the cylinder.

Processo 03

4) - To fit the sleeve all along the cylinder, compressed air should be applied through the opposite side (where sleeve fitting was started).

Processo 04
Processo 05